Saturday, October 10, 2009

Banks Ram-Air Intake - fuel saving devices

fuel saving devices
Dodge Ram 2006 Cold Air Intake At the Guaranteed Lowest Price! Banks Air Intake Systems In Stock Now. Banks Air Intakes, Banks Ram Air Intake. For the top selection of 2006 Dodge Ram Air Intake Systems, choose AutoAnything as your trusted store. The Banks Air Intakes, Banks Ram Air Intake will improve and personalize your vehicle. Ram Cold Air Intake by Banks – selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Banks Ram-Air Intake for your 2006 Dodge Ram will deliver the results you are looking for! Banks Ram-Air Intake – Dodge Ram 2006 – Air Intake Systems – Cold Air Intake.

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fuel saving devices

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kiwi Fuel Saving Devices

Fuel Saving Devices

Kiwi Fuel Saving Device is different with the previous fuel saver, it can do much more tasks which stated below:

  • Monitors your driving and helps you save fuel and money
  • “Drive Green” mode shows how to maximize fuel economy
  • Can improve your MPG by up to 33%
  • Checks for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), clears the codes, and can turn off the “Check Engine” light
  • Displays instant and average MPG values, dollar amount of gas used and saved, and can scan 26 different engine parameters in real time
  • Compatible with all 1996 & newer vehicles including: gas, diesel, ethanol, CNG, E85 & hybrid
  • Dimensions: 3.4″ x 0.5″ x 2.2″

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Fuel Saving Devices

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fuel Saving Devices: Fuel Efficiency Improvement System

Fuel Saving Devices

Feature of Products

Environment-friendly, fuel-efficient, and intelligent automobile digital system (Wellrun 1)

  1. Economical: Improves the fuel efficiency of vehicles
  2. Environment-friendly: Highly effective in reducing harmful exhaust gases
  3. Convenient: Easy and convenient to use
  4. Universal use: Applicable to type of engines including gasoline global advanced technology and standard applied
  5. Just Plug in Play style .

Performance of Product

  1. Increase the fuel efficiency up to 130% for all kind of cars.
    (Certificate of Wellrun Test Results by Dynamo Test Units, JASTEC)
  2. Reduce harmful exhaust gas by about 75%
  3. Improved the performance of vehicles by E.C.U. Learning Control and F/back control function.

What is WellRun?

WellRun, save fuel and eco drive real time trainer system for driver.

It's save fuel and eco-driving real time trainer system by plug in play.
It's easy to install and use for eco-driving.

WellRun, a feature meant to encourage environmentally considerate driving.
WellRun - aimed at reducing CO2 emissions through fuel efficiency- is part
of KCM's efforts to combat global warming and high price fuel cost.

Based on a comprehensive determination that takes into consideration such factors as accelerator use, engine and transmission efficiency and speed and rate of acceleration, the Eco Drive system WellRun, located on the instrument panel. smile emoticon and high FE score when the vehicle is being operated in a fuel-efficient and eco driving manner.

It's hoped will raise driver awareness toward environmentally considerate driving and contribute to fuel economy.

Although results may be - depending on the level of traffic and conditions such as the frequency of starts from stop and of acceleration, as well as distance driven - the WellRun can improve fuel efficiency by approximately above 23.5%(as measured by AMC)

WellRun, Eco drive system is being operated on the evaluation of the vehicle RPM and speed and power of acceleration. Fuel efficiency through monitor on the instrument panel board to give driver an opportunity to half the smile emoticon and Digital data and voice inform to improve fuel efficiency. The WellRun, Environmentally friendly systems.

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fuel saving devices